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Castle Rock Burgers Restaurant Franchise StoreMany people dream of opening their own restaurant, but with many obstacles to overcome, most do not make the attempt. Yes, having your own restaurant sounds exciting, your name, your ideas and your food being shared with the local towns people and known throughout social media. However, having your own restaurant is also a tremendous amount of work, and I am not talking about the day-to-day operations, which is another subject. Creating a restaurant from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, patience, research, discussions, and not to mention a good deal of money. Lets go over just a short list, just to give you an idea of what is involved in creating your own restaurant, and this is just a short, quick list.

  1. You will need to think of a name, that is thought provoking and tells the world exactly what you do. You will want to have a dot com name, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube, this will be for the marketing, but we are not there yet.
  2. You will need to come up with a theme, when people step into your restaurant, what do you want them to feel. This is where you would bring in your 3D graphic design artist, and and architect.
  3. Location, ultimately the most important decision that you will nee to make. If the food, the design, the lighting or anything else is not ok, you can fix it, but not with you location. If you pick a good location, great, if you pick a bad location, you will be miserable for the length of your contract, and that will hurt.
  4. Lets say you get through all this, now you will need to create a menu based on your theme, you will need to cost out every item on your menu. You will then need to create every dish on your menu, and have some taste testers try out your food. You want critics for this job, not your best friend, or mom and dad. You want people who have an excellent pallet, and who know food.
  5. Now you need to create your menu design. For this you may need a graphic design artist and a professional food photographer.

The Castle Rock BurgerOk, these are just the top five things you will need to overcome to provide a nice restaurant for your potential guest. However there are many, many more items to go onto this list. So overall, it can be a very daunting task to undertake, if you have experience, little experience or no experience at all. However, there is another solution to owning your own restaurant, and it's called franchising.

Buying a Castle Rock Burgers franchise, ensures you are getting a proven system, that already has a working store, with revenue as-well-as happy customers that can be found throughout their social network. Once you purchase a Castle Rock Burgers restaurant franchise, everything is done for you, all marketing, menu, food costing, equipment purchases, interior design, 2D and 3D layouts. Chef Rick St. John will personally train the staff on how to manage each of their stations, preparation of food, cooking of the food, plate setup and serving instructions, just to name a few.

From the day your restaurant is opened, you need to only concentrate on managing the restaurant, that in itself is a task, but far easier than creating everything from scratch.

Franchising A Restaurant vs Starting Your Own Restaurant

With franchising you are getting a verified system, that works, and that is already known to the public, and making money. These are three very important attributes to keep in mind when thinking this over. Also, depending on your level of experience, a franchise will fit anyone, from the novice to the experienced. 

However, for those who do wish to undertake this task of doing it all yourself, there is the excitement and thrill of creating everything from just your idea, that has been, up until now, just thoughts on a piece of paper. The decision comes down to you, what are you most comfortable with, how much risk are you comfortable in taking, and do you have the money.

With a franchise you will just payout one lump sum, for your franchise fee, and the equipment, and then you are open for business. For many this is the best choice, because you know exactly what your budget is. Franchising is generally far cheaper than going the road alone, and that's because it's all been done before, all cost are known, less headache.

However, from scratch, you will only have projections, until you actually start spending the money, and you must be prepared for some bumpy roads, as there will be many, but in the best case scenario, at least a few.

Learn more today, set an appointment and visit Chef Rick St. John today. 




Have you been searching online for a fun and exciting business venture? Do you love being creative with food? Are you a people person, who loves to interact with people on a daily basis? Do you have the passion and desire to work for yourself? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you are probably ready for your next venture. Pizza Freaks is one of the newest pizza restaurant franchises to hit the market. A fast casual pizza place that specializes in authentic Neapolitan style pizza. A thin crust pizza baked in a firebrick oven at over 850 degrees, creating a super tasty pizza, with beautiful leopard spotting around the cornicione, (the outer rim of the pizza). 

Pizza Freaks was founded by Chef Rick St. John, a businessman from Raleigh North Carolina, and who has lived in the Philippines now for over 15 years. Rick is a Master Pizzaiolo, specializing in the famed Neapolitan style pizza, coming from Naples Italy. Pizza is a growing business, and for good reason, as a recent study done in 2016 confirmed that over 45 percent of Americans go out for pizza at least once per month. This number is up from 35 percent with a survey done in 2015. There is no doubt that pizza is a booming business. But why you ask? Great question, and here is the short answer. In contrast to other restaurant types, a pizza restaurant is far easier to control food waste, simply due to the fact that 99 percent of all items used on a pizza area already pre-cooked, and therefore are not likely to go bad in a short time. Controlling your food and labor cost are also far easier, if your pizza restaurant is laid out correctly. 

This is where a Pizza Freaks franchise comes into play, we have done all of the work for you, everything you need to start earning money, has already been done for you. The costing of each pizza, pasta dish and sandwich on our menu, has been costed out, with a listing of profit per sale. This means, before you ever open your door, you will have a good idea of your monthly profit margin, if you stay within our profit guidelines.

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store (67 square meters)

Our Pizza Freaks stores are designed for profitability, with a focus on providing each customer with a meal, made fresh, in the minimum amount of time. Each store is divided into 3 sections, the dining area, the serving line area and the kitchen area. Each area provides a very specific purpose, providing us with the opportunity to create fantastic meals, quickly and efficiently. Our pizza dough is made fresh daily, at the serving line, where customers will enjoy watching this process. Here we mix the pizza dough ingredients, then hand knead the pizza dough, portion it, weigh it, then store it. Every Pizza Freaks pizza is made to order, from fresh dough and ingredients, and this is what really makes us unique, to our competition.

Chef Rick with Chef Jose at Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

Chef Rick St John with Chef Jose at Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

Every employee of Pizza Freaks is trained personally by Chef Rick St. John. Rick is a Master Pizzaiolo, specializing in Neapolitan style pizza, and works one-on-one with each employee, to ensure that they have the full capability needed to complete the job to it's highest standards. Chef Rick also continues this training throughout the lifetime of the franchise, to ensure standards and quality consistency is at its best.

Chef Rick St. John with Happy Customers and Franchisee Owner Wyllin

Chef Rick St. John with Happy Customers and Franchisee Owner Wyllin Creman

‚ÄčAt the end of the day, your success as an owner is measured by how happy your customers are. Remember here at Pizza Freaks we believe that a happy customer is a returning customer. Each and every customer is important to us, our goal is to have every customer leave with a positive Pizza Freaks experience. Enjoy working for yourself? Would you like to enjoy more personal growth and a better income? Then come join the Pizza Freaks team as a franchisee owner.



Food Photographer Manila Philippines

Having nice images of your food products for your restaurant or company is very is so important. On some occasions customers are known to order food based directly off the images they see, whether the images be on menus, wall pictures, electronic menu boards or any other medium. Different studies done on how people react to menu photos, shows that your customers are 70 percent more likely to order a product that has a picture associated with it. With this noted, you can see now why having really nice professional images of your food products, is so important. Rick St. John Photography offers professional food photography services. We come to your restaurant, and shoot all food products onsite, we also assist in setting up the food shots, so that each food picture is presented at it's best. 

French Fries

French Fries

Classic Hot Dog

Classic Hot Dog

Swiss & Mushroom Burger

Swiss & Mushroom Burger

Ricks Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Ricks Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Cajun Shrimp Sandwich

Cajun Shrimp Sandwich

Philippines Food Photography Services

Trip to Iligan City on Mindanao Island to open our Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

On July 25, 2017 my wife Jane, my son River and myself, Rick St. John all traveled to the island of Mindanao here in the Philippines to open our newest Pizza Freaks Franchise store on level 3 inside the new Robinsons Mall in Iligan City. First I would like to say that the island of Mindanao is really beautiful, and it's truly quite exciting to be there. The people of Iligan are very nice and quite easy going, it was such a pleasure to meet so many nice friendly people. Jane and I with my son River will be going back to Iligan City this coming September to open our other franchise store, Castle Rock Burgers, and we would love for you to visit us during the opening.

Laguindigan Airport Cagayan de Oro Mindanao

Laguindigan Airport Cagayan de Oro Mindanao

Laguindingan Airport Terminal Luggage Retrival Area

Laguindingan Airport Terminal Luggage Retrival Area

Slow Traffic From Laguindigan Airport to Iligan City Due To Marshal Law

Slow Traffic From Laguindigan Airport to Iligan City Due To Marshal Law

Check Point to Iligan City for Marshal Law

Check Point to Iligan City for Marshal Law

Robinsons Place Mall, Iligan City Mindanao

Robinsons Place Mall, Iligan City Mindanao

Inside Robinsons Place Mall, Iligan City Mindanao

Inside Robinsons Place Mall, Iligan City Mindanao

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store Owners Wyllin Creman

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store Owners Wyllin Creman (far right)

Robinsons Place Mall Employees Eating at Pizza Freaks Iligan City, Mindanao

Robinsons Place Mall Employees Eating at Pizza Freaks Iligan City, Mindanao

Chef Rick St. John with a Pizza Freaks Fire Brick Oven Pizza

Chef Rick St. John with a Pizza Freaks Fire Brick Oven Pizza

If you love eating delicious pizza, that is created with passion and the best ingredients, then please visit us here at Pizza Freaks in Iligan City, Level 3, Robinsons Place Mall. 



If you have come to the Philippines for a fun and exciting summer vacation, then why not take your vacation to the next level, and visit Mount Pinatubo? This exciting trek and tour package by Manila City Tour a WOW Philippines Travel Agency company offers exciting fun for the entire family. The trek to Mount Pinatubo starts with a van ride from our home base here in Ortigas Center, Manila Philippines, then takes you through Batangas and onto Mount Pinatubo. Once you arrive at Mount Pinatubo you will get into a really cool 4-wheel drive Jeep that will take you across small hills, raging river creeks, and across rocky terrain, until you reach the walking point. Now the fun begins, trekking to the top of Mount Pinatubo takes some time, patience and will-power, as this trek is not for the faint-of-heart. See our Mount Pinatubo video below.


Meet-up Sunday's at 3:00am

Pick-up Location: St. Francis Square, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


  • Round-trip Van Transfer from Manila – Batangas- Manila
  • 4-Wheel Drive Jeep Ride
  • Trail Guide (per Jeep)
  • Service of Local Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • Conservation and Maintenance Fees and IP Share
  • Use of Tent & Picnic Blanket


NEW Fully Furnished Studio Condo with Balcony Shine Residences Ortigas Center Pasig City

Are you traveling to Manila Philippines anytime soon for your family vacation? Rather than booking an expensive hotel room, why not choose to stay in a luxury Manila condominium. Yes, now you can stay in a luxury condo located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness center and a nicely landscaped courtyard where your children can play. Shine Residences condominium is located at the heart of Ortigas Center, the second largest financial district of the Philippines after Makati City. 

The Shine Residences are very conveniently located to some of the top shopping malls in Manila. For example when you stay with us here at Shine you will be within walking distance to the following places:


Each of our rooms here at Shine Residences offers all modern amenities that are sure to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable stay. Each of our rooms provide a spacious 30 square meters, with a balcony that overlooks the south side, where you will find two swimming pools, two tennis courts and a courtyard with a play area for the children.

Rooms Provide:

  • Queen Size Bed w/Comforter
  • Sofa Bed
  • Dining Table Seats 4 Persons
  • Small Coffee Table
  • 32" Wi-Fi Ready Television
  • Refrigerator (Full Size)
  • Microwave
  • Small Convection Oven
  • Stove Top Burner
  • Oster Stand Mixer
  • Oster Blender
  • Coffee Maker (10 Cups)
  • Rice Cooker
  • Pots / Pans / Dishes / Silverware / Miscellaneous Utensils
  • Hot Shower
  • Clothes Washer with Spinner
  • Wardrobe

Important Note:

  • Our unit is good for 2 adults and 2 children. 
  • Car or Van available with driver upon request, fee applies
  • Parking indoor space available, fully secure, fee applies.


Puerto Galera Travelers Guide

The Philippines is a country gifted with great beaches. The much better well-known beaches are those found in Boracay and also Palawan. One more beach or hotels worth mentioning are those uncovered on the Mindoro's north component in the district of Oriental Mindoro. The area is called Puerto Galera. It is locate south of Manila (130 kilometers south) and 14 maritime miles from Batangas City.

You can visit Puerto Galera from Manila to Batangas using just land courses. You would certainly after that need to ride a ferryboat to transfer you when you appear on Batangas. The ferryboat travel will be 1 to 2 hours long.

You have two selections to go to Puerto Galera, the much more affordable method or the more costly method. The even more costly one will certainly make you ride the MV Super 85 Ferry as well as Sikat and also Bus Services.

The cheaper transportation is the method of the commuter buses of BLTB, JAM and TRITRAN which can be found at EDSA-Pasay, Taft Avenue near the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue, as well as Buendia, respectively. The recompense will certainly just array from P80 (non-air-conditioned) or P100 (air-conditioned). You will then use a ferryboat to go to Puerto Galera as well as in the future would should utilize an outrigger watercraft that varies from P2, 000 each banca.

There are endless activities to be done and also positions to go when you get there at Puerto Galera. You could visit the Hidden Valley, the Mangyan Village, the Muelle Bay as well as the Tammaraw waterfalls. The activities that can be done in Puerto Galera are kayaking as well as golfing to name a few.

For people that are captivated by the marine life Puerto Galera also gives a selection of dive sites. The complying with dive websites in Puerto Galera are the Coral Garden, The Pink Wall, capital, the Hole in the Wall, the Manila Channel, La Laguna Point, the Sabang factor and wreck, the dungeon wall, the ape beach, Ernie's cave, and also lots of others.

An individual that goes to Puerto Galera can likewise find some fantastic tokens to bring house to. They can be able to obtain the inventions that are made by the Mangyan to bring house to their pals.

There are other remarkable locations to head to in the Philippines. Do not merely limit yourself to the more prominent ones. The much less preferred areas could furthermore provide you with an unforgettable experience.

You could go to Puerto Galera from Manila to Batangas using only land paths. You have two choices to visit Puerto Galera, the more affordable way or the more costly method. You will certainly after that use a ferryboat to head to Puerto Galera and also later would need to use an outrigger boat that ranges from P2, 000 each banca.

When you arrive at Puerto Galera, there are unlimited tasks to be done and also places to go.

New 2016 Puerto Galera Vacation Travel Packages

5 of the Best Coastline Towns in the Philippines

Listed below are 5 wonderful reasons that have almost 5 million individuals coming to see the Philippines every year, to take-in the endless miles of beautiful beaches covered in lovely white sand, that grace so many of the Philippines so many islands. The Philippines is an archipelago that has a total of 7,107 islands, with only about 1,000 or so are occupied– as well as many have one picturesque stretch of beautiful white sand. You can find so many gorgeous seaside towns that offer the vacationer so much, that it at times can be a bit tricky on deciding just where it is you would most like to visit. To assist you a bit in getting your vacation off to a good start, we have listed right for you our five most favorite beach towns most visited by foreign tourist and local travelers for the Philippines Islands.

The Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Luzon Island

Located in the northern part of Luzon Island is Pagudpud, and is an up and coming tourist destination, in fact this area on many occasions is compared to the island of Boracay, one of the Philippines most famous beach resort areas (see our list of 350 Boracay Beach Resorts). However it can be said that Pagudpud is similar to and has the very same great white-sand coastlines and crystal clear blue waters, minus the large groups of tourist and over commercialization that has stated to plague Boracay. The Blue Lagoon, or known by the natives here as Maira-ira Beach is situated in a tiny cove area that offers soft white sand and water with a really beautiful deep blue color, and is really thought to be the most gorgeous beaches located here in the most northern part of the Philippines Islands. As of lately the Blue Lagoon has started to garner some attention as a go-to location for worldwide vacationers, and so many huge resorts have begun to develop at this awesome location.

El Nido Islands of, Palawan

For the year of 2015 the islands of El Nido has won the top position for "10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the world" from the world renowned Condé Nast Traveler. Palawan is a beautiful island filled paradise is also known for having the "Finest Beach and also Island Destination" by CNNgo. El Nido is where 50 or so islands that just happen to offer so many white sand coastlines to be found anywhere in the world, El Nido has significant sedimentary rock developments that shoot straight to the sky, bright blue-green water and incredible evening sunsets that offer magical photographs.

El Nido is a quite coastal town with a small community, and is considered by CNN Travel to be and entryway that will take you on a fantastic journey through the Philippines. Not only is El Nido beautiful, it also offers privacy from many of it's white beach coastlines, and another special note, some of the beautiful areas of El Nido Palawan were shown toward the end of the Bourne movie staring Jeremy Renner. 

The warm tropical waters of El Nido are also where 50 varieties of marine life thrive among the many coral reefs, that bring into the area sea-cows, whales, as-well-as some sea turtles that are endangered, which makes El Nido a scuba diver's paradise.

El Nido Islands, Palawan Philippines

Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

An additional acclaimed area, Palaui is recognized for its untainted beaches and also the Cape Engaño Lighthouse, a historical Spanish colonial lighthouse that rests atop a hill, 300 feet over sea level. Palaui Island is a National Marine Reserve and is tough to obtain to, which is why tourists value its privacy. When it comes to the aquatic park, which has 17,660 acres, it's a great site for snorkeling and also diving since it is so distant. There are no resorts, so if you wish to remain, you'll have to camp or find a home stay.

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Palawan

One of the most awesome attractions found here in the Philippines is the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park (Bahurang Tubbataha) which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated at the center of the Sulu Sea, and just off southeast side of the island of Palawan. This aquatic as well as bird refuge is actually not beach community or even an island for that matter, however two atolls that are very big– the South Atoll as well as the North Atoll– are where more than 600 varieties of fish, coral reefs varieties that total 360, 11 shark varieties, 13 whale and dolphin varieties and also 1,100 species of tropical birds call home.

It should be noted that Tubbataha Coral Reef is really one of the most impressive coral reefs in the world, with CNNgo ranking it among the leading 8 scuba diving sites on the planet. Scuba divers call it a "real underwater jungle" and they will tell you that getting to Tubbataha Coral Reef is half the fun: Because this dive site requires that you visit only by a live-aboard boat.

Boracay, White Beach

The pure snow white sand as well as crystal-clear blue waters of Boracay Island do draw beach worshipers in droves from all corners of the world. At simply 4.5 miles long, the island of Boracay is home to over 13 beautiful stunning coastlines all covered in soft white sand, and not to mention the award-winning Boracay White Beach. Based on International Living, Boracay is likewise a scuba diver's heaven. White Coastline gets its name from the soft white sand and also is the location most regularly associated with Boracay, a 50-minute air travel from Manila, the main gateway into the Philippines. The very best time to visit the White sand beach of Boracay Island is during the completely dry season, which is for the months of October through May.

Visit BORACAY GO PACKAGES for more detailed information on this tropical paradise.

Boracay Island, Philippines

All-time low Line

The Philippines is recognized for its attractive white sand beaches, remarkable coastlines and also sensational scenery. With 7,000-plus islands or even much more beaches, it's difficult narrow down the "best" coastlines or towns to a short list, especially as it depends upon what you're searching for. For the very best diving, for example, Tubbataha is tough to defeat; for the most attractive sundowns, you will not want to miss out on White Beach. Despite where you take a trip in the Philippines, you'll be close to a coastline, as well as it will most likely appear like it belongs on a postcard.

Please keep in mind: Due to kept physical violence, vacationers are warned concerning staying clear of specific locations in the Philippines. The U.S. Division of State ( updated a travel warning on Oct. 21, 2015 regarding the Philippines, and specifically the Sulu Archipelago, the island of Mindanao, and the southerly Sulu Sea location. Other areas in the Philippines are generally considered as secured as various other locations in Southeast Asia. U.S. citizens taking a trip to or residing in the Philippines are urged to check existing State Division travel signals as well as sign up in the Smart Vacationer Enrollment Program (STEP). This provides safety updates as well as makes it easier for the closest UNITED STATES embassy or consulate to contact you as well as your household in case of an unexpected emergency.

3 Day Pizza & Dough Making Course by Pizza Freaks

Hey Everyone,

Rick St. John here with Pizza Freaks, and today I will talk to you about our 3 Day, one-on-one Pizza Making course designed to help you create great tasting and awesome looking pizza. Our 3 Day, course starts off with teaching your about the different flour types used to create different types of pizza, like Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and Roman style pizza.


On your first day we will give you handouts that explain the mathematics behind creating the perfect size dough ball using Pi x R squared as our formula to finding the surface area of your pizza, for 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18" diameters.

We will start mixing dough on our first day, teaching your the proper amounts of flour, water, yeast and salt ratios, and the proper time needed for dough to rise, and the proper aging of dough, 24, 36 and 48 hours as well as how to store the dough balls.

You will be given handouts that explain how to top a pizza using the proper portions, so that you can maximize cost without loosing flavor. This handout covers pizza sizes from 6" to 18" and includes half and full pan as-well.

We will also talk about and provide handouts on Safe Food Handling and the advantages of using fully cooked meats over using raw meat.


On the second day we will concentrate on creating dough balls, and how to create them so that when you stretch them out they will not tear. Stretching our your dough into the proper size is a bit tricky, and can take a full day or longer to get the basic feel for it.

We will instruct you on how to create whatever pizza style your prefer, Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and Roman styles.

Since our Pizza Making course is one-on-one, you will not need to worry about being distracted by other students, we teach you on your time frame, so if you have a slower learning curve, this is ok, we take whatever time you need, so that you will learn.


On the third day of your pizza training you will be on your own, mixing the pizza dough from scratch, then creating dough balls into the correct weights, then stretching out pizza dough by hand, and then placing on top the correct topping portions. This will be your final test, giving you the confidence you need to go out into the workforce, and create great tasting and fantastic looking pizzas in any style, Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian or Roman.


So whether you are someone just passionate about learn how to create great tasting and awesome looking pizza or quite possibly you are planning to open your own pizza restaurant, then this course provided by Pizza Freaks is a must. 

Open the doors to your pizza restaurant confidently, knowing from day one, you are already creating fantastic tasting pizza that will have your customers raving, and promising to come back.


To find out more about our 3 day, one-on-one pizza making course just click on the link below.


Is The Philippines Safe for Traveling Tourist?

Boracay Beach Philippines

The Philippines, an island chain in the western Pacific Sea of greater than 7,000 islands, is well-known for its all-natural appeal, from white sand coastlines as well as abundant reef, to lavish mountains, volcanoes and brightly-colored rice terraces. During 2013, the Philippines held almost 4.7 million visitors, representing an almost 10 % increase over the previous year, according to the UNWTO Tourism Emphasizes, 2014 Version, one of the most current problem offered.

On the different hand, in November 2014, the U.S. Department of State released a traveling warning for some components of the Philippines. How worried should travelers be? Below's our testimonial of the data.

International Peace Index Rating

The Worldwide Peace Index, assembled by the Institute for Economics as well as Peace, is a measure of the loved one calm of 162 nations globally (representing more than 99 % of the globe's populace). The Index measures peace based upon 22 qualitative as well as measurable indicators consisting of recurring residential and international problem; societal security and security (including criminal offense prices); and militarization. For the 2014 study, the Philippines rated 134 from 162 countries. Amongst the indications that were particularly bothersome were access to weapons, organized conflict (interior), violent criminal offense, political terror and terrorist activity.

Relying on its rank, each country is designated a color that represents a peace "array," with dark eco-friendly significance more calm, red significance less calm as well as yellow falling in the middle. The Philippines is in the yellow range as well as– despite its fairly reduced (as well as somewhat worrisome) mathematical position (134 from 162)– it drops in the same shade ranking as the United States (rated 101 out of 162).

U.S. Division of State Evaluation

The united state Division of State problems take a trip signals and warnings on an ongoing basis, as well as tourists to any type of area must look for notifications before leaving residence and also while abroad, ideally. Some locations of the Philippines present a greater threat than regular due to kept physical violence connected to insurgency and terrorism. On Nov. 20, 2014, the U.S. Department of State released an upgraded travel advising for the Philippines, specifically citing the Sulu Archipelago, the island of Mindanao, as well as the southerly Sulu Sea area.

It can be helpful to cross-reference any kind of travel signals and also warnings with a map of the nation to determine whether your intended travel plan takes you into or near any one of the named troubled regions. If so, either transform your itinerary or recognize that you may be taking needless dangers by traveling to these areas. Bear in mind that travel cautions provided by the UNITED STATE Division of State continue to be in place up until the scenario modifications, as well as it's possible for an alerting to be essentially for many years.

All-time low Line

Like numerous different countries, the Philippines has pockets where much more physical violence has the tendency to happens as well as areas that are normally considered secure. While it is necessary to be knowledgeable about risks, it can be imprecise to label an entire country as dangerous because it has recognized problem areas. To illustrate, it would be misleading to classify the whole United States as hazardous because of the violent criminal offense data of Detroit as well as East St. Louis.

It's consistently difficult to utilize the word "safe" about travel considering that the word suggests you will be shielded from– or otherwise subjected to– any threat or threat. This is never the situation, regardless of where you take a trip. It's far better to consider "safe" in family member terms. There is an energetic travel warning for the Philippines, yet just for some areas. A lot of other components of the country are normally taken into consideration as protected as different areas in Southeast Asia.

Only you know your very own danger endurance. It's sensible to avoid recognized areas of threat and create your schedule around popular (and also populated) visitor destinations. As well as make use of sound judgment, just as you would at home.

Keep in mind: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA tourist traveling to– or staying in– the Philippines are motivated to enroll in the Division of the United State's Smart Vacationer Registration Program (STEP), which gives safety updates as well as makes it simpler for the nearby U.S. embassy or consulate to contact you and/or your household in case of an emergency.

And if you fall for the Philippines sufficiently to want to transfer to or reside there, check out 6 Great Reasons To Retire In The Philippines,