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Aklan Countryside Tour

If you are planning your vacation to Aklan Philippines, then we would highly recommend taking our Aklan Countryside Tour, where you will visit some very nice and interesting places, including the Hurom Hurom Springs, Jawili Falls of Seven Basins, Campo Verde, a fantastic butterfly farm, and Jojo's Christmas Cottage.

Aklan Tour Package Inclusions:

  • Hotel & Resort Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Air-condition Van
  • All Entrance & Parking Fees
  • Set Lunch
  • Tour Guide
  • Full Day (9) Hours


We will being our tour starting here with the Hurom-Hurom Cold Water Springs, which is a fantastic place to visit, its here that you can experience swimming and playing in fresh clear water that is very cool. The water comes from the surrounding Aklan mountains, everything here is natural, just as nature had intended, its a really fun eco-tour, so if you are a nature lover, then you must visit this place.

Hurom Hurom Cold Water Springs

Jawili Falls of Seven Basins

Its here a Jawili Falls that you can really experience the beauty of nature here in Aklan. Here you will find seven (7) basins that are filled with fresh water, that comes in from the surrounding mountains. In the distance you will see the waterfalls, the fill the basins, each basin is layered in such a way the one after the other they are filled by the previous basin. What many tourist enjoy here is the swimming, the water is just so fresh and clean, this in itself is such a refreshing change from chlorinated pools found in the city.

The Jawili Beach is very nearby, and is also a great place to have a picnic, there is just nothing better than the sound of waves slapping the shore while you eat, its so relaxing and calming. If you enjoy taking pictures, then you will want to be sure that you bring your camera, as this area is filled with many fantastic photo opportunities.

Jawili Falls in Aklan