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Boracay Activities

Boracay Activities,on the Island are countless and varied.Although Boracay is a small Island, it offers Big Adventure, from is powder soft white beaches to its lush green jungle like interior. Activities range from, well doing nothing at all to everything under the sun.

Beach Volleyball

The fine white sands of Boracay make beach volleyball most inviting. Beach volleyball, football, Frisbee and other beach sports have become quite popular with annual tournaments being held to promote both the sport and the island. During high season you will see volleyball nets set all along Boracay White Beach, do not be surprised if a beautiful young Filipina girl from Boracay invites you to play.

Boat Trips

The trip to Boracay is not complete without having gone around the island exploring nearby coves and other various island hide-a-ways on-board a banka (outrigger boat). Banka rentals for one day start at approximately US$ 20.00 depending on the number of individuals going.

Sea Sports

Various kinds of aqua-sport-equipment is also available for rent from different aqua-sport-establishments, (look for Bora Sea Sports located at Manyana Restaurant station 2, cell phone +63 917-895-3428 ask for Jun Siquian, tell Jun you found him here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency and you will receive a 10 percent discount off any Boracay Sea Sport Activity).

Scuba Diving

The rich marine life beneath the crystal blue waters that surround Boracay makes for very interesting dives. Boracay Diving trips for the experienced divers and lessons for the newcomers are offered by many dive centers on the Island (look for Vaughn Pratt at Blue Mango Dive Center, tell them Rick St. John from WOW Philippines Travel Agency sent you and receive a 10 percent discount off any Boracay Diving Package), from which the latest state of art diving and snorkeling gear can be rented.

Golf on Boracay

A world-class 18-hole scenic golf course is located on the Island, Fairways & Bluewater located in station 1. For the avid golfers, arrangements to play and equipment rental can be made,(a one-day-membership plus green-fees and caddy will cost you around US$ 65.00, WOW what a deal, for a round of golf in paradise). Let WOW Philippines Travel Agency arrange everything for you, and we will use our membership to get you discounts on all the packages.

Mountain Climbing

For the traveler seeking a more adventurous and physically exhilarating vacation experience, exploring the terrain on Boracay via bicycle or motorbike can be a lot of fun. Special tour packages that offer visitors a feel of Boracay countryside are available. There are many places where you could rent a bicycle or motorbike on an hourly or daily basis (bicycles at US$ 10.- and motorbikes at around US 20.- per day).

Rock-Wall Climbing

Available only at the Pink Patio Boracay Resort located in station 1 the Balabag section of the island. The rock-wall is a 42-foot high, fiberglass monster. Four hours of rock climbing, complete with an instructor, will cost you around 200 pesos ($3.70). This is really a work-out, not only is it fun, but a test of ones will, skill & strength.


Kingfisher's Farm is in a lovely inlet surrounded by mangroves. You can order food and drinks and just watch the many birds and the constantly jumping bangus (milk fish) and the tilapia, or you can try your luck fishing for those jumping fish. Kingfisher's will grill your catch for you. With fishing, a restaurant, a small store, billiards and table tennis, Kingfisher's is ideal for kids, family and friends. Kingfisher's Farm, Lagutan Road. +636-288-6321 or +636-288-3699


Boracay has several well equipped gyms with free weights and most of the standard exercise machines, such as Stairmaster, treadmill, stationary bicycle and the elliptical cross-trainer. Prices vary but average is about $5.00 per visit. Muscle Tribe, beside Paradise Garden Boracay Hotel, Patio Pacific Boracay Resort, Castle Seraph Boracay.

Race Cars

Koreans especially seem to like the race cars, located beside the Main Road in sitio Diniwid on the way to Yapak (Puka Shell Beach). There are two companies offering this noisy pleasure on a race track. 1 hour cost about $25.00 World ATV Motors +636-288-5877

Paraws, small outrigger sailboats, may be rented with or without the two-man crew, depending on your sailing skills. Sailing instruction is also available. For a beautiful sunset ride, paraw rental cost around$10.00 per hour. Many of the paraws beached along White Beach are for rent. Contact Jimmy Losher at Artista Boracay Hotel or Malay Sailing Boat Owner Association Inc. (MASBOI) +636-288-6196


Tirol & Tirol Boracay Beach Resort has two concrete courts adjacent to the Boracay Regency Resort. The court rental cost $3.00 per hour.

Glass Bottom Boat

There are two glass bottom boats allowing you to see Boracay's underwater world while you stay dry. The smaller boat, perfect for single family's can accommodate 6 to 8 persons and the trip takes about 1 hour. The bigger boat, named "We Found It," takes up to 30 persons out for about 1 and 1/2 hours. This is a lot of fun, my wife and I did this in April, family's with young children will really love this.Contact; +636-388-5535, located in front of the Boracay Tourist Center.

Skim Boarding

Skimboarding has been a new fun sport for kids and entertainment for the older people for several years. It looks easy but be careful! It is a welcome new attraction and a pleasure to watch. Skimboards are available for rent at several places along White Beach.

Mountain Biking & Hiking
Exploring the Island on a mountain bike or on foot is not only good exercise, but the best way to find those out-of-the way, unspoiled parts of Boracay. Paths crisscross most of the island. You are also welcome to join the Cyclone MTB Club (Mountain Bikers Boracay) for their sunday bike tours on Panay Island or for one of the races they occasionally organize. Contact them at the Bom Bom Bar near D'Mall.

Horseback Riding

It is an exciting and unexpected opportunity: ride a horse through the countryside of Boracay! The ponies and horses are friendly and are led by experienced guides, so riders of all ages are welcome. The horse riding stables open at 6am until 6pm everyday. Located off the main road just behind Chalet Tirol Boracay and the White House Beach Resort. Contact: Boracay Horse Riding Stables at, +636 288-3311

Boracay Restaurants

With the zest to satisfy every palate and for lovers of the nightlife, Boracay beachfront is lined with restaurants serving Asian and international cuisines, open-air bars, karaoke's bars and discos (look for Summer Place). More and more upscale dining places are being opened (look for La Cappannina, Café del Mar, Banza's, Dos Mestizos, El Paradiso, CNN Café at Serge's Palace). A scenic place to enjoy a sunset and some nice food would be the Cocomangas Beach and Oyster Bar. (Oysters fresh daily, and safe as well as excellent.

Bar Hopping

A really great place to start this activity is Cocomangas, located on the northern end of Boracay Island station 1, and work your way down to the southern point of Angol ending your Boracay Bar Tour at the Pirates Cove, tell Jen (the owner), Rick from WOW Philippines Travel Agency Sent you.


Some tourist prefer to bask in the sun, lie under the shade of a coconut palm tree watching the varied activities on this white beach or reading a book. It is worthwhile remembering to protect oneself with a well known sun-block like Hawaiian Tropics, as the sand and the sea can reflect the burning rays of the sun, which are very strong in this part of the world, anyway. Serious sunburns are quite common here, and can be treated at the local medical facility off the main road, just behind Seraph Castle.

Sunset Viewing

Watching the spectacular sunset on Boracay, well it is quite a treat and should not be missed. Sunsets on the white beach would be one of the highlights of your Boracay trip, no vacation is complete without one, (have a taste of it by clicking here, Boracay Sunsets).


Boracay is now considered Asia's best boardsailing destination and if windsurfing or kiting is your fancy, Boracay is the place for it. There are international competitions around the month of February every year. You will find many windsurfing schools on Boracay. Equipment can be rented out at reasonable cost. (Contact Jimmy Losher owner of Artista Beach Resort, Jimmy has been coming to Boracay since 1980, he will provide you with the best windsurfing and kitsurfing instructors on the island).


Generally, the best time to travel to Boracay is from the middle of December to the middle of May – off-season for typhoons. In the Christmas, New Years and Easter breaks however, everyone is traveling and you'll have trouble getting a seat on any form of transport, not to mention hotel accommodations, (BOOK EARLY). Its hot all year round but the best time to go for wind is between December and February when the wind is at its best. The water is warm and no suit is needed. A rash vest is a good idea for protection from stings and other itchy sea creatures.

The wind blows cross-on port tack. A very constant wind, which on average stays at about 15 – 25 knots, sometimes reaches 30 knots and blows constantly the whole day. The wind blows debris from other islands onto the Boracay beaches so be careful of puncturing your kite. The Boracay windsurfing schools generally clear the beach directly in front of the school. (Windpia, Bora-kite, are just a couple of the local schools, again contact Jimmy with Artista).

Beach Hopping

Boracay Island has more that a dozen beaches, take a couple of days and go exploring, you can hike your way around or rent a mountain bike. It's really great fun, and a nice way to meet the local people who live on Boracay Island.