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Camarines Norte Province

This province is characterized by mountains and rolling hills in its interior. There are fertile valleys and plains along the coastlines. The land area is consisting of flatlands and slopes. Total land area is just at 2,200 square kilometers, occupying about 0.73% of overall land area of the country. Current population is small at just about 514,000, the 51st highest in the country. 

The province is well known for its major produce, namely, pineapple, coconut, and fish products. Camarines Norte Queen is a pineapple variety that is extensively cultivated in the area. This variety is specifically adapted to the climatic and soil condition and is grown strategically as an intercrop in coconut plantations. Nine out of 12 municipalities are fishing towns. There are major fish ports in Jose Panganiban and Mercedes. Land infrastructure is the main transport facility to and from any point in Luzon. 

About Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte is bordered on its north by the vast Pacific Ocean, on the west by Lamon Bay, on the south by the province of Quezon, and on the east by San Miguel Bay. It adjoins Camarines Sur. There are 12 towns. The provincial capital is Daet, a first-class municipality that has been popular among tourists as an ideal site for surfing because of the challenging sea current. 

Many natural wonders serve as tourism attractions in Camarines Norte. Beaches, falls, and rivers top the list. Calalanay, Bulalakao, Pag-asa, and San Jose are beautiful beaches in the province. Bagasbas Beach is considered the most popular because of its wide white sand and proximity to Daet (just about 10 minutes by land). Lanot Beach fascinates through its spring. 

Colasi Falls is an aesthetic falls located in the middle of a forest that could be reached through hiking. It is ideal for nature lovers and swimmers because of its pristine and flashing blue cool water. Mananap, Imee-Irene Twin, and Itok Falls are also sought-after. Mampurog River is perfect for swimmers, campers, bathers, and picnickers. 

Of course, tourism attractions are complemented by colorful and interesting festivals. 

  • The Pineapple Festival – held every June 15 to 22 showcases the sweetest pineapple of Formosa variety, which is grown widely in various municipalities. 
  • The Foundation Day of the province – is celebrated every April 15 featuring civic military parade, exhibits, agro-industrial fair, and sports festivals. 
  • Pabirik Festival – on January 26 to February 2 showcases the richness of the mining industry in the municipality of Paracale. 
  • Palong Festival – coincides with the feast day of the Black Nazarene on May 13 at Capalonga. It highlights agro-industrial fair and street dancing as an expression of local folks’ gratitude for the presence of roosters in the locality. 
  • Sea Foods Festival – on October 24 features distinct varieties of fish in Basud. 
  • Boyoboy Festival – held on November 8 annually promotes the province’s agricultural products, specifically the Queen pineapple. It is a tourism event as it highlights industrial fairs, cultural presentations, beauty tilts, and various sports events. 

How to get there

Bus transport lines take travelers to specific destinations in Camarines Norte from Metro Manila.