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Catanduanes Province

This ‘Eco-Adventure Paradise’ is perfect for tourists who love nature at its best. It is because this province is a strip of pearly island along the Pacific that is virtually unspoiled, untouched, and unexplored. Catanduanes has a long string of beautiful palm-fringed beaches that are backed at the same time by jungle-capped mountains and are crowned by jewel-like small islands. 

The province is offering a fully laid-back rural charm. It has a pretty natural environment with lots of action at a relaxed pacing. Local folks in the area have always preferred their relaxed rural village life. Thus, the province seems to be disinterested in modern development or any head-long rush typical in the modernized world. The tourism industry is still in the early stages. But outdoor pursuits are just as they should be. Catanduanes is definitely a great hideaway for people who aim to escape from the usually frantic pace of urban life. 

About Catanduanes

Catanduanes is located at the easternmost fringe of Luzon. It is bordered to the west by the Maqueda Channel, to the south by the Lagonoy Gulf, and to the east and north by the vast Philippine Sea. The province is composed of a main island and several smaller islands, totaling a land area of about 1,500 square kilometers. The coastline stretches to about 400 kilometers, mostly coiffed and embayed. The population is still low at just about 233,000. 

Beaches are prime tourism attractions in Catanduanes. Amenia Beach is known for its undeniably tamed waters. The shoreline beckons tourists to dip into the pristine waters and enjoy the wave-combed sands. Balite Beach is covered by shady and cool trees, with fine white sand and pristine blue waters. Bosdak Beach Resort is perfect for beach holiday vacations. 

Because of its geographic location, touching the Pacific Ocean, Catanduanes is identified as a perfect surfing destination. The eastern coast of the province receive hundreds of uninterrupted waves that crash the shores on a daily basis. This is also the reason why Catanduanes has earned its nickname, the ‘Land of the Howling Winds.’ 

  • Surfing Competition – held every October at Baras town tops the lists of festivals in Catanduanes. The weeklong surfing event features local and foreign surfers.
  • Dinahit Festival – held every July 30 commemorates first migrants to the province who were believed to have used dinahit, a type of local sea craft. 
  • Catandungan Festival – held every October 24 at Virac is the foundation anniversary celebration of Catanduanes. Also on the same date is the Padadyaw sa Tinampo, an event when people go to streetdances to take part in merriment of music beats and sumptuous foods. 

How to get there

There are regular flights to Virac, the provincial capital, from Metro Manila. Some travelers prefer land transport by taking a 10-hour bus ride from Metro Manila to Tabaco, Albay, where there are connecting ferry rides that take travelers to Virac in three and a half hours. The best time of the year to come to the province is on the months of March until August, when the prevailing weather in the area turns dry.