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Davao Beaches

Samal and Talicud Beaches

Samal Island encompasses magnificent diving sites as well as marine life making it renowned in our country and some other countries outside. At the back of it are hills and huge rock formations, and tall palm trees. Portions of sandbars are also shown here where the water draw away. Talicud island, one of the charming Davao beaches, is a smaller island just right beside of Samal on its southern part. White sand beaches are its treasure as well as the crystal clear blue waters that is indeed stunning making the guests more attracted to the place.


Pearl Farm Beach

Located on the island of Samal, right in the center of the Davao Gulf, this beach is possibly the most popular among Davao beaches. A fourteen (14) hectare resort is found here named Pearl Farm Beach Resort for visitors who would like to have their vacation on the island. The quality of the beach is at its perfection with a mile-stretch of white sand shore. Diving and water sports activities are also ideal to have on this beach.


Times Beach

This is a crowd favorite beach in Davao where the locals spend their weekends or holidays. A picnic or leisure walks are what most of the family or friends do here. It is a 2-kilometer travel car by car from the Davao city proper and the sea wall or the bay Walk of Davao is along Times Beach making it as one of the popular Davao beaches. Even though it does not encompass the pristine white sand, it is still the most preferred beach of the locals. A beautiful sight can also be seen here during low tide wherein different migrant birds can be seen along the shore.


Talomo Beach

This is just minutes away from the davao City proper, right in the middle of the Davao Bay. The water here is calm, suitable for people who would just like to stroll along the shore. Swimmers, especially divers are the ideal people to visit the place. It is said that a number of American and Japanese vessels shrunk at Talomo Beach in World War II, making this a hot spot or divers who would love to see these deep sea ruins. There are a number of sunken warships just 200 meters from Talomo Beach wanting to be explored.


Punta Dumanlag Beach

This beach is usually a turtle haven that is why swimmers are usually treated to a turtle back ride or just swimming along with the turtles. Having a swim at the dazzling azure colored sea is indeed a very fascinating adventure to anyone. Guests love the sunrise at Punta Dumanlag seaside fronts especially during sunrise and sunset.