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Mindoro Philippines

Mindoro Philippines, is the seventh-largest island in the Philippines. It is located in southwestern Luzon, just northeast of Palawan. In past times, it has been called Ma-i or Mait by ancient Chinese traders and, by Spaniards, as Mina de Oro (meaning "gold mine") from where the island got its current name. The island was divided into its two present-day provinces, Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro, in 1950. Before then, since 1921, the entire island was one province.

Secluded Resorts; Lovers of more secluded places have the option to stay at Coco Beach Resort, set apart in a cove with its own beach, or even better, at the wonderful small resort of Tanawin, perched on a hill overlooking Varadero Bay. There is also the romantic Kalaw Place, hidden in an enchanting forest park facing Muelle Bay.

Philippine Beaches; The mountainous coastline of Puerto Galera, 42 Kilometers long, is composed of numerous beaches and deserted, secret coves of white sand, bordered by crystal clear waters. It is very pleasant to go island hopping – all the resorts offer trips – and have a swim or a picnic at Long Beach, Halige Beach, Aninuan Beach, just to mention a few of the most well-known. The finest is, without a doubt, Bayanan Beach.

Philippine Dive Sites; (5 minutes to 1 hour from the main beaches) Puerto Galera's reputation as a diving destination took off in 1983. It is still one of the most important diving destinations today and its reputation has become quite international. There are about 30 diving sites recorded as of this writing. The coral reefs are protected and marine life is of great diversity and beauty. If all you do is snorkel, you will certainly have your fill as well: Big La Laguna Beach, Long Beach, and Coral Garden with its dense carpet of pink and yellow corals are feast for your eyes. Big La Laguna is the ideal place for children who snorkel, as the water is shallow and calm.

Ponderosa – Philippines Golf; (20 minutes) Ponderosa was created by Tony Taylor, a golf enthusiast. It is set at and altitude of 600 meters in a beautiful mountainous area covered with rainforest, overlooking the bay of Puerto Galera. The resorts can register you for a game. But even if you do not play golf, go and have a drink just the same at the terrace of the bar that offers a fantastic view of the bay.