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Pizza Freaks 3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines

True to their name, Pizza Freaks is enthusiastic regarding developing excellent sampling as well as amazing looking pizza, in any sort of design. Below at Pizza Freaks our company offer a 3 day individually Pizza Making Course for those who are really passionate about making pizza, as well as for those who are planning to open their own pizza store.

Hey Everybody, I’m Rick St. John the owner of Pizza Freaks, and I love making tasty and so delicious Neapolitan style pizza, from only the most effective genuine imported ingredients. I have more than 15 years of experience in the dining establishment as well as food industry, having worked for several of the most prestigious resort dining establishments in America. To name a few of the top resort restaurants where I have taken pleasure in working are the Radisson Hotel, Holiday Inn Central, Marriott Resort, Capital City Club, and also I functioned as a store manager for both Little Caesars Pizza and Wendy’s.

Pizza Making Program Day 1:

On day one of our pizza making course you will be provided handouts that describe the many different flour types offered for making so many different types of pizza, like Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and Roman style pizzas. During this session you will discover how to blend flour to provide precisely the right texture for the kind of pizza you are making. We teach you the best ways to mix the dough effectively to get the best structure, as well as reveal you some tricks not generally known to the ordinary individual.

As soon as we have actually blended the dough, we will let it increase in size for a certain amount of time, then we will show you the very best ways to effectively cut, weigh and also roll-out the dough into the proper dimension as well as weight of dough-ball. Creating the best dough-ball is essential to the success of extending your pizza dough, if the dough-ball dose not have the correct seal, your dough when stretching will certainly tear, and also you will certainly wind up with a large hole in the center of your dough. We educate you on the best ways to prevent this from occurring.

Pizza Making Training course Day 2:

On the 2nd day of our pizza making training course we will really concentrate on 2 very specific things, mixing as well as producing more dough-balls for your third day, and discovering how to flex and stretch your dough by hand. During this time you will obtain a handout that shows you the full computation for developing the appropriate weight for every dough-ball size. This action is important to recognizing just how much dough you have under your pizza, so that you could estimate the amount of baking time. For example, with our calculation tables, you could produce a 6″ size pizza and also a 14″ dimension pizza, and position both in the stove a the same time, and the same place and both will cook completely in the same specific amount of time.

Stretching dough by hand is not hard, however it does take some time, initiative as well as commitment on your part. In some cases it can take a complete day or even more for a student to get the hand flexing of dough down, to where it is easy, yet not to fret, Rick St. John is here, and also will deal with you every step of the method, to guarantee your success.

Throughout the 2nd day of our pizza making training course we will certainly likewise teach you how to appropriately cover a pizza, to ensure that every pizza enters into as well as appears of the stove resembling a masterpiece. Bear in mind that your clients get with their eyes, so if the pizza looks outstanding, after that in their mind, it is currently yummy and scrumptious. We will certainly likewise provide you handouts that reveal the proper topping parts to put on a pizza, to optimize the taste, while maintaining your cost level.

Pizza Making Program Day 3:

Throughout the third day of our pizza making course you will put into practice every little thing you found out during the first two days as well as from the current day. From this point you will blend the pizza dough on your own, then evaluate and weigh out the dough to the right quantity, then hand stretch the dough to it’s appropriate dimension. You will then cover the dough with toppings, utilizing the topping charts offered to you during your first day, this is your chance to create a great tasting and professional looking pizza by yourself.

From this point forward, Rick St. John will be available to you for as long of timeframe as you require, so even if a year from now, you require some correspondence or a refresher course, no problem, it’s entirely complimentary, return anytime. We are really certain that by the end of day three of our pizza making course you will certainly be confident to create and make excellent pizza in any style, as well as awesome looking pizza totally on your very own, as well as we will offer you a certification of completion to verify it.