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Boracay Island Is Not Closed

So, is the island of Boracay in jeopardy of being closed down? This is a very good question, and I am not sure that anyone has the answer to that question. However what I can say from my own personal experience of having traveled to the island of Boracay approximately 100 times in the past 15 years, that this small island needs help. Back in 2005 when I first traveled to the island of Boracay, located in the western Visayan region of the Philippines and a province of Aklan, is that there were already over 250 maybe even 300 resorts on this tiny island of Boracay, then, many of them were not in compliance with the sewage regulations. Yes, we complained about it to the local authorities, but it always fell on deaf ears. Today the island of Boracay has about 500 hotels and resorts that provide vacation rooms for tourist from all over the world, about 2 million tourist. The main white beach of Boracay Island is about 2.5 miles long, with pristine powder soft white sand, and it's for this that tourist flock here. 

As the owner of a Philippines based travel agency, we saw this day coming, yet who do you tell, the government? You cannot get to anyone important, and if you do you are told to just be quite. Back in 2005 you could walk the beaches bare-foot, they were clean, really clean, no glass, no cigarettes buts, no trash of any kind. However by 2010 that had changed drastically, the beaches were being littered with trash of all kinds, the beautiful water that surrounded the island paradise with filled with algae from the raw sewage that was being drained directly into th ocean. 

By 2010 the resorts were no longer small, they were becoming bigger to handle the large number of tourist. Some of the resorts and hotels on Boracay offer over 200 or 280 rooms, this attracts even more tourist. The island is now so commercialized, and over toured, and I do believe that if we want to preserve this beautiful island, then we should consider visiting other Philippines destinations, lets give Boracay a small rest, some time to heal and get back to it's former beauty.

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