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3 Day Pizza & Dough Making Course by Pizza Freaks

Hey Everyone,

Rick St. John here with Pizza Freaks, and today I will talk to you about our 3 Day, one-on-one Pizza Making course designed to help you create great tasting and awesome looking pizza. Our 3 Day, course starts off with teaching your about the different flour types used to create different types of pizza, like Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and Roman style pizza.


On your first day we will give you handouts that explain the mathematics behind creating the perfect size dough ball using Pi x R squared as our formula to finding the surface area of your pizza, for 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18" diameters.

We will start mixing dough on our first day, teaching your the proper amounts of flour, water, yeast and salt ratios, and the proper time needed for dough to rise, and the proper aging of dough, 24, 36 and 48 hours as well as how to store the dough balls.

You will be given handouts that explain how to top a pizza using the proper portions, so that you can maximize cost without loosing flavor. This handout covers pizza sizes from 6" to 18" and includes half and full pan as-well.

We will also talk about and provide handouts on Safe Food Handling and the advantages of using fully cooked meats over using raw meat.


On the second day we will concentrate on creating dough balls, and how to create them so that when you stretch them out they will not tear. Stretching our your dough into the proper size is a bit tricky, and can take a full day or longer to get the basic feel for it.

We will instruct you on how to create whatever pizza style your prefer, Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and Roman styles.

Since our Pizza Making course is one-on-one, you will not need to worry about being distracted by other students, we teach you on your time frame, so if you have a slower learning curve, this is ok, we take whatever time you need, so that you will learn.


On the third day of your pizza training you will be on your own, mixing the pizza dough from scratch, then creating dough balls into the correct weights, then stretching out pizza dough by hand, and then placing on top the correct topping portions. This will be your final test, giving you the confidence you need to go out into the workforce, and create great tasting and fantastic looking pizzas in any style, Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian or Roman.


So whether you are someone just passionate about learn how to create great tasting and awesome looking pizza or quite possibly you are planning to open your own pizza restaurant, then this course provided by Pizza Freaks is a must. 

Open the doors to your pizza restaurant confidently, knowing from day one, you are already creating fantastic tasting pizza that will have your customers raving, and promising to come back.


To find out more about our 3 day, one-on-one pizza making course just click on the link below.