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Castle Rock Burgers Restaurant Franchise StoreMany people dream of opening their own restaurant, but with many obstacles to overcome, most do not make the attempt. Yes, having your own restaurant sounds exciting, your name, your ideas and your food being shared with the local towns people and known throughout social media. However, having your own restaurant is also a tremendous amount of work, and I am not talking about the day-to-day operations, which is another subject. Creating a restaurant from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, patience, research, discussions, and not to mention a good deal of money. Lets go over just a short list, just to give you an idea of what is involved in creating your own restaurant, and this is just a short, quick list.

  1. You will need to think of a name, that is thought provoking and tells the world exactly what you do. You will want to have a dot com name, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube, this will be for the marketing, but we are not there yet.
  2. You will need to come up with a theme, when people step into your restaurant, what do you want them to feel. This is where you would bring in your 3D graphic design artist, and and architect.
  3. Location, ultimately the most important decision that you will nee to make. If the food, the design, the lighting or anything else is not ok, you can fix it, but not with you location. If you pick a good location, great, if you pick a bad location, you will be miserable for the length of your contract, and that will hurt.
  4. Lets say you get through all this, now you will need to create a menu based on your theme, you will need to cost out every item on your menu. You will then need to create every dish on your menu, and have some taste testers try out your food. You want critics for this job, not your best friend, or mom and dad. You want people who have an excellent pallet, and who know food.
  5. Now you need to create your menu design. For this you may need a graphic design artist and a professional food photographer.

The Castle Rock BurgerOk, these are just the top five things you will need to overcome to provide a nice restaurant for your potential guest. However there are many, many more items to go onto this list. So overall, it can be a very daunting task to undertake, if you have experience, little experience or no experience at all. However, there is another solution to owning your own restaurant, and it's called franchising.

Buying a Castle Rock Burgers franchise, ensures you are getting a proven system, that already has a working store, with revenue as-well-as happy customers that can be found throughout their social network. Once you purchase a Castle Rock Burgers restaurant franchise, everything is done for you, all marketing, menu, food costing, equipment purchases, interior design, 2D and 3D layouts. Chef Rick St. John will personally train the staff on how to manage each of their stations, preparation of food, cooking of the food, plate setup and serving instructions, just to name a few.

From the day your restaurant is opened, you need to only concentrate on managing the restaurant, that in itself is a task, but far easier than creating everything from scratch.

Franchising A Restaurant vs Starting Your Own Restaurant

With franchising you are getting a verified system, that works, and that is already known to the public, and making money. These are three very important attributes to keep in mind when thinking this over. Also, depending on your level of experience, a franchise will fit anyone, from the novice to the experienced. 

However, for those who do wish to undertake this task of doing it all yourself, there is the excitement and thrill of creating everything from just your idea, that has been, up until now, just thoughts on a piece of paper. The decision comes down to you, what are you most comfortable with, how much risk are you comfortable in taking, and do you have the money.

With a franchise you will just payout one lump sum, for your franchise fee, and the equipment, and then you are open for business. For many this is the best choice, because you know exactly what your budget is. Franchising is generally far cheaper than going the road alone, and that's because it's all been done before, all cost are known, less headache.

However, from scratch, you will only have projections, until you actually start spending the money, and you must be prepared for some bumpy roads, as there will be many, but in the best case scenario, at least a few.

Learn more today, set an appointment and visit Chef Rick St. John today. 




Have you been searching online for a fun and exciting business venture? Do you love being creative with food? Are you a people person, who loves to interact with people on a daily basis? Do you have the passion and desire to work for yourself? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you are probably ready for your next venture. Pizza Freaks is one of the newest pizza restaurant franchises to hit the market. A fast casual pizza place that specializes in authentic Neapolitan style pizza. A thin crust pizza baked in a firebrick oven at over 850 degrees, creating a super tasty pizza, with beautiful leopard spotting around the cornicione, (the outer rim of the pizza). 

Pizza Freaks was founded by Chef Rick St. John, a businessman from Raleigh North Carolina, and who has lived in the Philippines now for over 15 years. Rick is a Master Pizzaiolo, specializing in the famed Neapolitan style pizza, coming from Naples Italy. Pizza is a growing business, and for good reason, as a recent study done in 2016 confirmed that over 45 percent of Americans go out for pizza at least once per month. This number is up from 35 percent with a survey done in 2015. There is no doubt that pizza is a booming business. But why you ask? Great question, and here is the short answer. In contrast to other restaurant types, a pizza restaurant is far easier to control food waste, simply due to the fact that 99 percent of all items used on a pizza area already pre-cooked, and therefore are not likely to go bad in a short time. Controlling your food and labor cost are also far easier, if your pizza restaurant is laid out correctly. 

This is where a Pizza Freaks franchise comes into play, we have done all of the work for you, everything you need to start earning money, has already been done for you. The costing of each pizza, pasta dish and sandwich on our menu, has been costed out, with a listing of profit per sale. This means, before you ever open your door, you will have a good idea of your monthly profit margin, if you stay within our profit guidelines.

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

Pizza Freaks Franchise Store (67 square meters)

Our Pizza Freaks stores are designed for profitability, with a focus on providing each customer with a meal, made fresh, in the minimum amount of time. Each store is divided into 3 sections, the dining area, the serving line area and the kitchen area. Each area provides a very specific purpose, providing us with the opportunity to create fantastic meals, quickly and efficiently. Our pizza dough is made fresh daily, at the serving line, where customers will enjoy watching this process. Here we mix the pizza dough ingredients, then hand knead the pizza dough, portion it, weigh it, then store it. Every Pizza Freaks pizza is made to order, from fresh dough and ingredients, and this is what really makes us unique, to our competition.

Chef Rick with Chef Jose at Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

Chef Rick St John with Chef Jose at Pizza Freaks Franchise Store

Every employee of Pizza Freaks is trained personally by Chef Rick St. John. Rick is a Master Pizzaiolo, specializing in Neapolitan style pizza, and works one-on-one with each employee, to ensure that they have the full capability needed to complete the job to it's highest standards. Chef Rick also continues this training throughout the lifetime of the franchise, to ensure standards and quality consistency is at its best.

Chef Rick St. John with Happy Customers and Franchisee Owner Wyllin

Chef Rick St. John with Happy Customers and Franchisee Owner Wyllin Creman

‚ÄčAt the end of the day, your success as an owner is measured by how happy your customers are. Remember here at Pizza Freaks we believe that a happy customer is a returning customer. Each and every customer is important to us, our goal is to have every customer leave with a positive Pizza Freaks experience. Enjoy working for yourself? Would you like to enjoy more personal growth and a better income? Then come join the Pizza Freaks team as a franchisee owner.