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Licensed & Accredited Travel & Tour Agency

Note to the General Public: There are a few online travel agencies operating their business illegally, please before you do business with any travel agency in the Philippines, please ask to see there permits, as we have listed ours below.

According to Philippines law, all Philippines travel agencies must provide the following documents, if they cannot, they are operating illegally and you should not do business with them. Many of these local travel agencies advertise themselves as having the cheapest online prices.

Support Legal Philippines Businesses

Department of Trade & Industry Philippines This certificate certifies that WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. located at Amberland Plaza Suite 306, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue., Pasig City, Metro Manila is a registered business name in this office pursuant to the provisions of Act 3883, as amended by Act 4147 and Republic Act No. 863, and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations prescribed by the Department of Trade and Industry.



SEC Building, EDSA, Greenhills, City of Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Philippines.
Company Reg. No. CS200716588
Company TIN -006-900-484
Certificate of Incorporation


Cultural Affairs and Tourism Office – City of Pasig

License No. 10-0047
Having complied with the requirements prescribed by the City of Pasig, hereby granted a LICENSE to operate as a TRAVEL AGENCY pursuant to the provisions of Section 17 of Republic Act 7160, otherwise know as the Local Government Code of 1991, for all intents purposes of said act.


Pasig City Cultural Affairs and Tourism ID

Mary Jane P. Bangga


Republic of the Philippines SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM Quezon City

Certificate of Membership – This is to certify that WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. has been duly registered as a member of the Social Security System. As such all the covered employees and workers thereof are entitled to all the benefits and privileges pertaining to membership in the System pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 1161 as amended


Business Permit

All Philippines businesses must have a business permit as well as a Barangay clearance plate. If you are dealing with a travel agency in the Philippines that cannot produce a current plate for either the City or Barangay then they are operating illegally.


Barangay Permit